Any company that does not advocate diversity is in trouble.

True diversity, however, is not only expressed visually. In it’s most effective form it is an interwoven part of a company’s culture and integral part of its success.

Some have accepted the notion that if they get people who look different they’ve achieved something of significance. On the contrary -this can often become an artificial form of diversity and backfire.

There is implicit value in having people who come from different backgrounds, different places and different experiences. But in corporate environments of assimilation and indoctrination it’s easy for that value to be quickly diminished.

The true value of diversity is escaping homogeny in thought – and assembling teams who can challenge the status quo, offer innovative solutions or simply who think different.

I grew up poor and have found throughout my career that I’m often the person in the room who looks for the most resourceful way of doing things.

Thinking differently is where we gain the greatest benefits of diversity. Companies who don’t change and don’t challenge, are often comprised of people who all act, think and look the same.